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New Formats, New Formulas

Immerse yourself in the intrigue of Prohibition-era tales with Eau Claire's canned cocktails. Each sip carries the whispers of secret gatherings, Speakeasies, and the rebellious spirit of those who appreciated a well-crafted libation in clandestine corners.

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Elevate your libation game with Eau Claire Distillery's Canned Cocktails –
a taste of history, a sip of excellence, and a journey through the craft spirit that defines us.
Cheers to the pioneers, the rebels, and all the social animals who appreciate the artistry in every pour!

New Mixer Pack

Eau Claire Cocktail Caddy: A Nod to the Prohibition Era's Social Animal Unearth the allure of the Roaring Twenties with our exclusive Cocktail Caddy. Transport yourself to the clandestine world of hidden speakeasies and the thrill of secret gatherings. This caddy brings the Prohibition era's spirit right to your fingertips.